1Min Japanese Art Educational Comic 04: Learn about "Heta-Uma" and "Yurui"

13 June 2020


Venue: Freedom [online location]

Organiser: Mio Ebisu

Gateway to discover new Japanese art in 1Min.

“Heta-Uma” means “Bad but Good” in Japanese. : “a work that looks poorly/loosely drawn, but with an aesthetically conscious quality”, and “Yurui” means “loose/effortless” in Japanese.

I would like to introduce some works of Heta Uma or Yurui-E.

  1. Tale of Tsukishima
  2. Sengai Gibon
  3. Ōtsu-E
  4. Ukiyoe

First Episode: 6th June Website link: https://educationalcomics.jimdofree.com/episode/ukiyoe/