A reexamination of some aspects of education from the perspective of Evening Class

9 June 2016


Venue: 48 Aberfeldy Street, London E14 0NU

Organiser: Evening Class

Evening Class is a self-organising design education experiment in London, and a flexible environment where participants cultivate common interests, develop research and collectively shape the class’s agenda. Participants reflect on their practices in wider cultural/social/political contexts within London’s different landscapes, finding audiences to learn from and engage with. The curation of the classes take many forms, exploring different themes – including speakers and mentors. The group’s evolution is intended to be transparent and publicly observed, with resources widely accessible. Evening Class currently consists of 28 participants from different educational and cultural backgrounds. It is a collectively self-supporting group.

Evening Class hosts a discussion on alternative educational models, ways of organising and working collectively, with invited speakers (tbc). We aim to engage with the wide range of issues surrounding this topic, particularly the relationship of creative work to the conditions and ways of working they are made under and how these impact on each other.