A Skulk of Foxes - soundwalk - towards a watery commons

6 June 2020


Venue: InspiralLondon

Organiser: Charlie Fox InspiralLondon

A Skulk of Foxes - towards a Watery Commons livestream livemix - Listen or join in our live collective exploration of London, as the water foxes emerge from their dens and earths to scavenge or play; meeting up in a variety of charming rendez-vous as we hear the city through human or non-human eyes.

This event is part of ongoing project – OtherWalking and HydraCity – and as one other method to listen in to a lockdowned city. We discuss what we have seen/experienced/heard, what we have imagined and what we might like to see as we think/see through the filter of other lives, such as the urban fox: how we co-exist with the other and how we might reflect on the human beast through the eyes, ears, and padded whiskered feet of vulpes vulpes.

To listen you can go to the locussonus soundmap and zoom in on London to locate the moving mics – A Skulk of Foxes – a collective of charming couplings across London. You can make your own mix of the skulk by switching between mics – for inspiration see Remote Surveyor Anne Robinson’s film of watching at home https://vimeo.com/416664839 . Or contact us and join the skulk by creating your own livestream mic through locussonus smartphone app.http://locusonus.org/locustream/#phone

for up to date info here https://www.inspirallondon.com/events/