Anarchist theory reading group - anarchist communism

18 June 2019


Venue: Freedom Bookshop, 84b Whitechapel High St, London E1 7QX

Organiser: London Anarchist Federation

London AF is a local group of the Anarchist Federation (

The London Anarchist Federation reading group takes place every third Tuesday of the month - we aim to educate each other and learn together about anarchism, its theory and praxis, and discuss anarchist texts in a friendly atmosphere amongst fellow anarchists.

This month’s reading group, part of Antiuniversity, will focus on anarchist communism. Have a look at the texts below and join us in discussing them.

Reading list for 18 June:

AFed Introduction to Anarchist Communism:

Emma Goldman: What it really stands for anarchy:

Malatesta: Anarchism and Organisation:

Berkman: Will communist anarchism work?