Art as therapy - Workshop & panel discussion

19 June 2019


Venue: 17 Harts Lane, SE14 5UP, NEW CROSS GATE, London

Organiser: Chris Webster & Sara Stenbæk (Art4Minds)

Sara Stenbæk is a dancer and participatory arts practitioner whose work explores mental health, play, collaboration and community wellbeing through art and movement. She is also the initiator of DIY self-care community Art4Minds. Chris Webster is a visual artist and counsellor currently running creative workshops at Mind. His work explores unconscious processes and the impact of audience projection.

This event will explore the therapeutic potential of art through a workshop and panel discussion. The workshop led by artists Chris Webster and Sara Stenbæk will engage the participants in different exercises applying visual art as a means of self-exploration. After the workshop there will be a panel discussion with practitioners within the field. The panel will consist of a range of artists, therapists, academics and activists unpacking the impact of art as therapy inside and outside medical practice, the need for creating independent communities of care in the age of austerity, and ways that artistic practice can be used as a model for more accessible mental health support.