Body Revolution

16 June 2017


Venue: RED gallery, 1-3 Rivington St, London EC2A 3DT

Organiser: Oriana Haddad

Oriana Haddad is a cultural anthropologist, performance artist, and movement analyst. She carries out multi-disciplinary projects about the human body by using different media, from writing, to performance art, and visuals. Her projects explore the process of embodiment and challenge the relationship between body and space, body and identity, body and society, body and migration, body and health.

There is no possibility for a free World, until we become a free body. Body Revolution sets out on a journey that revolutionizes the understanding of what the body is and does. The body is not a fixed and bounded object, but an open process of experiencing and becoming. This event reassesses the power of our body to create reality; it aims to raise awareness of our body as embodiment of the world, which we can unravel, change, and reweave through new physical and sensorial experiences. Our body is our primary condition of existence and free resource given by nature. And nature asks us to sense our own body, to feel it, to listen to its becoming, and to apply its creative intelligence, which breaks through the illusions of separateness between self and world, between being a consumer and a producer of reality.

This talk introduces the paradigm of embodiment, drawing on the publication “Giving Birth to Ourselves: The Genesis of Abundance”, and presents how this paradigm has been creatively applied to the city of London, in the performance art project: “Make My Skin: Intimate Regeneration of the City”.