Conspiration of Warmth

10 June 2017


Venue: Five Years gallery, Elthorne Road, London N19 4AJ

Organiser: School of Calidity /Esther Planas

School of Calodity reclaims various itching points: The Space for Learning and its Symbolism so that is warmth, calidity. South (Heat) versus the coldness of North. The Coldness of Capitalism, of practicality, and the distribution of the Insensible (quoting Ranciere but reversed) School of Calidity looks up to trigger a way of being and seeing a mind state too. So that after one has passed by the experience, its own “thinking”, its ways of seeing and perceiving would have been altered. Of course the aim is to derail values that are capitalist towards education, towards the value we give to it (the perversion of a system that places a very high price to get it) and the orthodoxies that sustain such systems.

Conspiring is conspirare: is breathing together and producing breathable agreements. Instituent forms of reterritorialization. The territory of assembling is not the same place which has to be reclaiming each time in the same way. Breathing and gathering on conspiring warmth, the rest we will only know, see and hear.