Could we collectively own our homes?

14 June 2017


Venue: Furtherfield Commons, Finsbury Park, near 269-271 Seven Sisters Rd, London N4 2DE

Organiser: Millie Darling

Millie is an activist, and classic young Londonder who spends the majority of her monthly paycheque on rent and wants to find a better way to sustainably live in this city.

Current house prices in London mean that most of us will never be able to own houses in this city we call home. And rising rent, rouge landlords, and the knowledge that we’re giving the majority of our monthly paycheques to the man, makes housing here all the more frustrating and precarious.

So what options are there for us to work together to set up sustainable collectively-owned housing in London? This workshop will explore ideas from housing co-operatives, community land trusts, council housing, and more.

This workshop will involve presentations, and opportunities for everyone to participate in activities to reimagine our housing. Bring your thinking caps and an appetite to get involved in creating something better.