Creating a festival of Human Organising

20 November 2021


Venue: CLAPTON RESIDENCE 130 Upper Clapton London, UK, E5 9JY

Organiser: The Human Organising Project

The Human Organising Project was founded by former corporate lawyer Patrick Andrews to provoke new thinking around work and organising. Patrick was motivated by a deep passion for life on earth and a concern over the impact of large organisations on society and the planet. He believed the way such organisations are structured is a key driver of such behaviour. Isn't it time, he wondered, for new, more evolved types of organisation to emerge? Organisations that bring out our essential humanity. Organisations that have compassion built into their DNA. Patrick's book, relating his adventures in business and his thoughts on organisational design, is due out in spring 2016.

Something is happening to our organisations. Multinational corporations, traditional charities, schools, universities and other institutions, are failing us. Their top down, hierarchical structures are ill-designed to cope with the speed and complexity of modern life. Meanwhile a new breed of organisations, combining business-like efficiency with compassion for people and planet, are emerging. They are self-organising, dynamic and unmanageable. To celebrate this new breed of organisation, a Festival of Human Organising will be held in May 2016, based in London but with tentacles elsewhere. True to the spirit that it celebrates, it will be self-organising, vibrant and fun. This event at the Antiuniversity is designed to be a taster for next years festival. Facilitated by Patrick Andrews, former corporate lawyer and founder of the Human Organising Project, it will be open space, emergent and lively.