Cross Pollination - chain mail art/postal zine

7 June 2020


Venue: Mayday Rooms [online location]

Organiser: Helen Client Culture

Client Culture will be overseeing a postal zine project for the AntiUniversity Festival 2020 this year. This project starts on the 6th of June but is ongoing & you can sign up at any time.

We will be promoting the cross pollination of ideas through the act of chain mail/mail art.

Like a seed store that gets added to, your thoughts will be avalible for others.

The collection of thoughts, plans and folly will be archived into an online format for people to access for free.

To take part email with your title and address.

A package will arrive on your doorstep, please add a maximum of two A4 pieces of paper with your thoughts, art, ideas and a page number or date.

Please take a picture of your package and send it to us as it will allow us to document its journey.

Take a maximum of three days to complete your piece and contact Client Culture for the next address.

You will be expected to pass the package onto the next contributor, which will probably cost you the price of a stamp.

If you take part please be aware your address will be shared with the previous contributor so that the package can be forwarded on to you.

This project will start on the 6th of June and run outside of the AntiUni Festival week due to the time this project will take to circulate.

Follow the Client Culture links to find out about the packages whereabouts and when it will be available to view online.