Cupart Presentation : can menstruating be a creative source ?

10 June 2016


Venue: Common House

Organiser: Camille Desmarest

Camille Desmarest is an independent artist trained as a dance maker. She graduated from the BA in Contemporary Dance at Trinity Laban in 2013. She often works collaboratively and performs in projects happening in traditional venues as well as site specific and gallery performances. She is currently completing an MA taking place in partnership between Trinity Laban and Independent Dance, which she choose to focus on the possible developments of the Flexible Barres, a training technique devised by Wilfride Piollet. Besides dancing, her creative practices consist in writing, film-making and visual arts projects like Cupart.

Cupart are productions made from monthly collections which were done with a menstrual cup. Everytime I had to empty the cup, I found a shame to throw away the natural paint which was generated by a female body. Yet, it took me some time to dare, one day, to lay it on a sheet of paper. I like this idea that periods, often perceived as heavy, painful or ashaming, can also lead to creativity and playfulness, and that we can celebrate this aliveness within us. Thinking about this practice, it appeared to me as it is also potentially related to a primitive act of painting and exploring colours in prehistoric times.

I am interested in facilitating an open dialogue around the multiple periods perceptions and ideas about the female body. Alongside the discussion I will present examples of my works and depending on the moment of the month a live creation is envisonned.