D.I.O. (Do It Ourselves) x Extinction Rebellion

21 June 2019


Venue: Raven Row, 56 Artillery Lane E1 7LS

Organiser: D.I.O. (Do It Ourselves)

D.I.O. (Do It Ourselves) is an ongoing series of events that explores self-organised creative processes across fields of art, education and activism. D.I.O. was originally established in Summer 2018 as an outcome of 'Into the Wild', the artist development programme at Chisenhale Art Place. The term D.I.O. situates the self, as in ‘do it yourself’, within a collective practice. D.I.O. asks: how do we get out there, support one another, and make change happen?

This edition of D.I.O. will explore forms of creative protest employed by a growing movement for climate justice throughout the UK. It takes the form of a talk and Q&A with representatives of Extinction Rebellion (XR), an international movement against government inaction on climate change. The event will contextualise XR’s activities within a strong tradition of creative DIY protest in Britain: from the anti-roads roads protests and Reclaim the Streets in the 1990s to the Camps for Climate Action throughout the 2000s. The discussion will center on the value of creative practices in social movement contexts and the staging of expressive, participatory, and prefigurative forms of politics.