Discussion on Nam Myoho Renge Kyo - A Buddhist Philosophy of Human Revolution

22 June 2019


Venue: Hackney Downs Park

Organiser: SGI UK

The Sokka Gakkai means ‘Value Creating Society’, a reflection of the purpose of Nichirin Buddhism that is to create the maximum value in the world. We seek to build a strong network of people dedicated to upholding the preciousness of human life, transcending the superficial divisions of national or race boundaries. First and foremost SGI is a movement dedicated to supporting individuals to create a solid foundation of happiness in their lives.

Discussion meetings in Nichirin Buddhism are an expression of its philosophy of transformation called Human Revolution.

Discussion meetings serve as a celebration of this philosophy of humanism; sharing heart to heart dialogue enriching our lives, deepening our understanding of ourselves as human beings and bringing forth the qualities inherent in our Buddha nature, courage, wisdom and compassion that we take into our daily lives.

In the process of Human Revolution, practitioners achieve this inner transformation through working to establish peaceful relations based on trust and mutual understanding with those around them.

Through hearing experiences of others and how they have overcome challenges in their lives we are able to see our personal situations in a new light and seek to use them as opportunities for growth and encouragement for others.

Prior knowledge or practice of any Buddhism is not what is important at these activities. Fundamentally we are all human beings and have accumulated vast experience in life that are our great joy to ourselves and society to share and celebrate!

The activity will start with a brief introduction to the meaning and practice of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo for 15-20 minutes; then open group discussion and any questions people may have followed by a picnic for those wanting to stay.