Fitzrovia walk: One of EU’s glitziest zones with ‘worst living quality in UK’

16 June 2017


Venue: Meeting place to be confirmed on booking

Organiser: Tim and Ranjun

Tim: experienced tour guide and teacher. Hobbies: walking and chess. Ranjun; docuemntary producer and cutting-edge researcher mainly into economics

19th C Fitzrovia like Soho was an area suitable only for poor immigrants. Hence it became a hotbed of revolutionary politics: Marx knew it well and violent émigré anarchists plotted here. The bohemian scene (1920s-1940s) were located here with such luminaries as Dylan Thomas, Augustus John and Aleister Crowley hanging out at e.g. the Fitzroy Tavern; Virgina Woolf lived in Fitzroy Square, a handsome Georgian development. There are still narrow passages, cul-de-sacs and mews which point to its pre-modernist past; it was mostly built up in the 18thC by Charles FitzRoy, and many Fitzrovian places are named after his family and the Devonshires/Portlands. Nowadays post-modernist architectural icons for the Age of Spectacle can be noted too. This century it’s an area known for fashion industry, TV content providers, art galleries and edgy cutting-edge firms in entertainment sector. Behind the flashy fronts, deprivation levels are above average and the community groups active here must be much needed given Fitzrovia’s rating in a 2015 Govt report as in parts having the ‘worst living quality in UK’,. Participants will be given handouts with maps, pictures & texts. Suggested donation £4 (£3 concessions).