Girls & Beuys talks

9 June 2018


Venue: Meet outside the ICA, The Mall, London SW1Y 5AH

Organiser: OffCourse, The School, Jeroen Bouweriks & Pablo Hannon

Jeroen Bouweriks is an artist and educator based in Amsterdam. He holds a MFA in artistic research from WdKA/PZI in Rotterdam. and is the founder of OffCourse, a cross academic art institute or anti institute for (in)appropriate behaviour. In his art practice he explores the possibilities for art as education and education as art. His research often entails the topics: file-sharing, plagiarism, shared authorship, in-authenticity and participation. Currently he lectures part-time at the WdKA in art/design theory and concept development. ---- Pablo Hannon is a designer, entrepreneur and educator born in Chile. and is the founder of The School, a post academic and ongoing multidisciplinary festival, residence and happy city experiment. In his design practice he is used to look sideways when creating concept and design via his studio Hectica. Pablo is restless when it comes to self initiated projects like; Beyonderground, Who/How, Kubus Kwadraat, Everybody Loves Ice Cream, A2 Collective and The things I like a lot. Currently he lectures and inspires students at PXL–MAD in Hasselt (B) and MAFAD ZUYD in Maastricht (NL)

For this collective audio research experiment, we will investigate ways to (de)mystify one of the founders of radical art pedagogy Joseph Beuys. According to self-designed rules, the participants will interview f.i. museum vistors, educators, curators, theorists and unfamiliar audiences after Beuys’s plane crash. By re-telling this story with all participants and recording it on dictaphones we will collectively try to discover new potentials for story lines. We will try to rethink and abolish the classical way how to approach research and create a collective work/story. Every participant will be artist, author, educator and student.

Pls do bring audio equipment like f.i. phones to record conversations and interviews.