Grassroots Comms 101: How to raise funds & support for your cause (for free)

10 June 2020


Venue: Mayday Rooms [online location]

Organiser: Cecelia Bittner

In this workshop, we will go through some of the basic ways that anyone setting out to sustainably enact change or build meaningful things can get the support can get the financial (and other) support that they need.

A solid fundraising strategy doesn’t need to be expensive or complex but it does require consistency and a focused, intentional expression of what your project is about and why people should support it. In this workshop, we’ll start with a roughly 30 minute breakdown of best practices and recommended tools and then spend the rest of the time applying that information to your projects.


NOTE: A private zoom link will be sent out ahead of the event with password.

WHO’S TEACHING? Cecelia Bittner has raised funds and run ‘comms’ for a number of charities including Refugee Community Kitchen, Calais Kitchens and Solidarithé. She has advised and supported numerous other aid groups throughout Europe in building their communications and fundraising infrastructure so that they can get the support that they need.