History Indians & Pakistanis in Middlesbrough

15 June 2019


Venue: 41 Wilson Street, Middlesbrough TS1 1SA

Organiser: Boro Bookworm & Sacred Alien Comix

Comics, Sci-fi, Graphic Novels, related material, horror & The Boro, the football and local History. Has been running since 2016, has became an institution, we had live music, talks, meetings, workshop and is active in the annual North East film Festival hosting the Indian film night

The early days of immigration into Middlesbrough In 1830 Middlesbrough a farm employing few labours, total population of 14. The farm was bought a group of business men to develop it as a coal port and planned a town for 5000 people. The discovery of iron ore in the Cleveland Hills lead to the development of iron & steel and the demand for manual labour - population explosion. Flux of labourers from Ireland, Wales, Scotland, flooded in … The first Indians were the sailors when appeared as soon as the port was opened.

1890 “Jahangeer - Indian oculist, 103 Corporation road, and 35 Parliament street, Stockton”

1890 a postcard of Linthrope Road in Middlesbrough shows a group of Indian sailors looking in a shop window. From their characteristic turbans these lascars were probably Pathans. …