How to Transition and Alienate People

6 October 2016


Venue: common house

Organiser: Dysphoria Collective hosted by Hannah Pearce

Dysphoria Collective is a Trans health group which started at the beginning of 2016. Our aims are to widen knowledge around the conditions of being trans and how it intersects with the affects of wider oppressive structures. We publish a small booklet every two months about the lived experience of being dysphoric - whether that means dysphoric in the sense of being unhappy and dissatisfied with life, or a sort of political depression, or more specifically - coping with the every day struggle of gender dysphoria. Along with our zine we host a Trans Salon once a month. A protected, safe and secure place for struggling trans people. Hannah Pearce is a long time activist in queer, worker and border struggles.

What is transitioning? Can you be trans if you don’t transition, are you actually a sell out if you do? Is medical intervention a compromise between how the world sees us and how we see ourselves? Are we crazy?

This event will be hosted by the Dysphoria Collective, a group of trans activists who publish work and manage events around what being trans means, what dysphoria actually is and how it intersects with living while fighting other struggles. Dysphoria collective will be facilitating a round table discussion (workshop if you will) about the conditions of being trans and how it operates through the public and private health sector services.

Topics of Discussion:

  • Should gender dysphoria be de-pathologised?
  • If so, are we (transgender people) further marginalising other disabled people
  • should we be considered disabled?
  • how does binary and non-binary gender identity fit into gender oppressive matrix?
  • How do other queer people be better allies to the transgender community?
  • How do transgender people be better allies to other disabled people?
  • how does being trans fit into political or collective depression?

This workshop will be lead by transpeople (inc. gender questioning, genderqueer) for both trans and cis* people.

Copies of our publication work ‘Map of Wounds’ will be sold during the event. All money goes back towards running the collective.

*Bear in mind that this workshop will be an education space but all cis people at times must be prepared to listen and not speak during the event.