Intersections of Art, Protest and Law

14 June 2017


Venue: Conway Hall (Bertrand Russell Room), Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL

Organiser: Art/Law Network

The Art/Law Network is a gathering of artists, lawyers, agitators, coming together to work and collaborate for change. The network is a platform where artists can be in contact and collaborate with practitioners working within the law, the legal system, legal teaching and research. Similarly, the network provides a space where lawyers, activists, academics, thinkers of all creeds, can learn new open forms of law and legal thinking through bringing art into law. Participants in the Art/Law Network are Collaborators. Projects between Collaborators of the Art/Law Network are Convergences. Contact for more information on the network, collaborating and future convergence opportunities.

This event will seek to bring together artists, lawyers and activists to create a finished piece of work that could be seen as either art, law or protest, highlighting the reliance of each on the other. This would be bookended by discussion as to the usefulness of using art/law practices as a form of radical legal pedagogy, revealing the intersections of art and protest, in the processes and products of law.