11 June 2016


Venue: St Augustine's Tower, Mare Street, Hackney E8 1JB

Organiser: Mika Hockman

Mika Hockman- artist, actress, perfomer, DJ , mother! live in Hackney, was born in Tel Aviv Israel

The scene is an eccentric psychiatrist’s office. A mute and lifeless “Puppet” lies on the couch. His name is “IT”. “IT” has no name. “IT” has no inspiration, no money, no personality. The prim and reserved “Dr Casandra Pear”, asks “IT” a variety of therapeutic questions.

Essentially a comic piece. The audience come in small groups of up to 8 people at a time. Each is greeted by the “Dr” as a former patient who has come to assist in the therapy process. Audience members are encouraged to offer opinions and share their own stories, weather real or imagined, with the rest of the “Group”. The focus is ultimately always drawn back to the main patient “It”, and how “It” can be helped. In previous performances audiences responded in as many different ways as there were audience members - some sang “It” a song, some shared intimate stories, group hugs, disgust, anger, fear, laughter. Audiences are asked to help “It” with identity by giving “It” a name, profession, hopes, dreams etc. This is very-much an “Imersive” semi-improvised piece.

“IT” is all about breaking down barriers between strangers. It asks participants to reveal themselves to each other in ways they are not used to doing. The environment of the show is small and intimate, slightly sinister and comic. Having so far run the piece approximately 50 times, I have been constantly surprised by people’s reactions, and how much they engaged with each other.