Joyful Militancy: Syllabus reading group #1 - Periphery of the Skin, by Silvia Federici

1 May 2020


Venue: Mayday Rooms [online location]


Together with the Ghent book club Other Women’s Flowers, Kunsthal Gent organises a monthly reading group around Jesse Presley Jones’ Syllabus (see below.) Join us online on Friday May 1st at 7pm (CET) for a live reading collage of several chapters from ‘Beyond the Periphery of the Skin’ by feminist activist Silvia Federici.

You’re very welcome to join the reading or listen in - also in case you do not manage to read the text beforehand. Please bring 3 to 5 images of the body as a place of joyful resistance. We will collage the images into the live reading of the text. Serve yourself with food and wine, and prepare for 2 hours of joyful militancy!

This session will be hosted by Other Women’s Flowers, artist Jesse Jones and feminist researcher Siggie Vertommen (UGent). One participant will be joining us from inside Jesse Jones’ work in Kunsthal Gent: the space formed by a monumental curtain with an image of Silvia Federici’s left arm, where the reading group would take place if we would not be in lockdown.

PRACTICAL Register at we will send you a pdf of the text and a link to the meeting (until we find a better application for meeting online while sharing images, we’re using zoom.)

We will read together the introduction (pp 1-5); chapter 10 - In Praise of the Dancing Body (pp 119-124), and the Afterword - On Joyful Militancy (pp 125-128). You can obtain the book from Kunsthal Gent or here: