9 June 2016


Venue: Hackney Archives, Level 2 of Dalston CLR James Library Dalston Square E8 3BQ

Organiser: Joanne Anthony

Hackney Archives is keen to continue beyond the AntiUniversity Festival to offer a hub for community archives advice and to support an informal network of Radical Archivists, “where archives and social justice meets”. Joanne Anthony is the Archives Manager of Hackney Archives & Local Studies: Archivist for 20 years – with experience and keen interests in the fields of under-represented and culturally diverse histories; community archives; democratising archives and social inclusion; political and social movement collections, and digital archives.

“Partial, inaccurate and exclusive history is of benefit to no-one and leads to a society in which citizens are not fully equipped with the knowledge to understand the past and hence the present, nor the power to challenge stereotypes, ignorance and racism.” [Northampton Black History Project]

Can you see yourself - your passions, everyday experiences, artistic or political expressions - reflected and celebrated in your local archives, museums or libraries? If not, why?

Building on last year’s Occupy event, we’ll now take a practical look at exploring:

  • What radical collecting actually is?
  • The power of archives to affect change for social justice
  • Your role in making history & evening the balance in how our shared history is remembered.

Community-led campaigns to create an archive of active social and political movements are taking place across the world: from the Occupy movement, Radical publishers, LGBT to Trade Union, and Black-led cultural movements. We’ll continue to draw inspiration from these movements, along with pioneers like C.L.R James, in how we can create crucial counter-narratives.

Join us for a collective exploration of what we can all do to capture stories and memories that reverberate into the future.