10 June 2017


Venue: Varosi, 151 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, London, N13 4SP

Organiser: The Saturday Museum

Octopoda will be hosted by Lucy Steggals and George Moustakas from The Saturday Museum in collaboration with Sadie Edington. Sadie works predominately with the body and materials. The Saturday Museum is a simultaneously real and fictional place where people from somewhere, nowhere, everywhere, anywhere, elsewhere, there and here meet to think, talk, make, play and do.

“If you have an octopus in any new situation, the first thing it does is it explores,” Jennifer Mather

Join us at Varosi for an afternoon making problem solving, playful eight armed things that have no skeleton or structure; can squeeze into small spaces and stretch out over larger ones; are camouflaged and masters of mimicry; create clouds of ink; have blue blood and only Iive for a very short time.

Octopoda are fluid, flexible forms that can be anything from shelters to webs, clothing, projection screens etc. At the end of the day take away your Octopoda and encourage it for it’s short life to play.

“Here is an animal with venom like a snake, a beak like a parrot, and ink like an old-fashioned pen. It can weigh as much as a man and stretch as long as a car, yet it can pour its baggy, boneless body through an opening the size of an orange. It can change colour and shape. It can taste with its skin. Most fascinating of all, I had read that octopuses are smart.” Sy Montgomery, The Soul of an Octopus: A Surprising Exploration into the Wonder of Consciousness