OSCILLATION ::: Henry Andersen ::: Contagious Publics—with Brooke Palmieri & Sean Dockray

1 May 2020


Venue: Q-02 [online location]

Organiser: Henry Q-O2

Two interviews with people working in and thinking about informational access, autonomous publishing, contagious education. Sean Dockray is an artist and initiator of knowledge-sharing platforms, The Public School and Aaaaarg, both of which use sharing technologies to propose models of learning and accessing information parallel or alternative to institutional education. Brooke Palmieri is a historian, publisher, and rare book antiquarian. In their 2013-2017 PhD, Compelling Reading: The Circulation of Quaker Texts, Palmieri details a relation between Quaker methods of text distribution (crucially tied to the early printing presses) and metaphors of the plague, used to describe a spread of information seen by the Church as uncontrolled, contagious and potentially deadly. At stake in both interviews is the possibility of a (potentially insurgent) public defined by the ways that it transmits texts.

Henry Andersen is an artist and organiser living and working in Brussels. He produces performances, objects, sound-files and printed matter. Henry is part of the artistic team at Q-O2. Since 2016, he is one half of the semi-fictional reading group Slow Reading Club, with Bryana Fritz.

http://aaaaarg.fail/ https://monoskop.org/The_Public_School https://www.campbooks.biz/