OSCILLATION ::: poemproducer aka AGF ::: International Antifascist Feminist Front

2 May 2020


Venue: Q-02 [online location]

Organiser: Henry Q-O2

Thirty international feminist contributors, individuals or collectives, were asked to send a short recording on fascism and the importance of feminist struggle against it. The multi-lingual collection of recordings is scored by sound sculptor AGF. Intro by Angela Dimitrakaki. First broadcasted on Documenta14 / savvyfunk radio on 28 June 2017. With: AGF, Cecilia Vicuña, Angela Dimitrakaki, Shubigi Rao, The Organisation of United African Women and more.

Antye Greie aka AGF or poemproducer is a vocalist, musician, composer, producer and new media artist. She has been exploring speech and spoken word combined with electronic music as well as working on sound installations, pop songs, calligraphy and her website poemproducer.com. http://antyegreie.com/