OSCILLATION FESTIVAL ::: Julie E Dyck ::: XX Files Radio Archive

1 May 2020


Venue: Q-02 [online location]

Organiser: Henry Q-O2

A sample of archives from the early years of Montreal based, techno-feminist, community radio show the XX Files. Initiated by bilingual feminist artist-run centre, Studio XX, the show first aired in 1996 and continues to broadcast every Wednesday on CKUT 90.3FM. Topics discussed in this selection include ICT activism, Napster, the millennium bug, JenniCam, and accessing high speed cable internet.

Julia E Dyck is a Canadian sound artist and radio producer working in performance, composition, installation, and transmission. She’s interested in the possible relations between the body, consciousness, and technology. https://studioxx.org/en/productions/xx-files-radio/ http://juliaedyck.com