Project Myopia - Liberating the Curricula

16 June 2019


Venue: Mayday Rooms, 88 Fleet St, London EC4Y 1DH

Organiser: Rianna Walcott

Rianna Walcott is an LAHP-funded PhD candidate at King’s College London researching black identity formation in digital spaces, and a graduate twiceover from the University of Edinburgh. She co-founded, a website that promotes diversity in academia and a decolonised curriculum. She frequently writes about feminism, race and literature for publications including gal-dem, Dazed, The Skinny, Huffpost, The BBC and The Guardian. Rianna is co-editor for the recently published anthology about BAME mental health 'The Colour of Madness'. In her spare time, she moonlights as a professional jazz singer. Her work can be found at and she tweets at @rianna_walcott.

Project Myopia run a website that is dedicated to collecting reviews of diverse materials that could be used in a more diverse and inclusive curriculum. Students write reviews between 750-1000 words of works by marginalised creators, and justify where and why they belong on their courses, with an interdisciplinary focus. As part of that work, we’ve been running sessions (funded by the London arts and humanities partnership LAHP), but also writing workshops for students and staff to talk about decolonisation work, and will hopefully be having guest talks from other decolonial activists discussing successful work at their home institutions.’

Please join us for a student-led discussion over snacks on the topic of liberating the curricula in the humanities. We’re campaigning for an academy that is more diverse in every sense of the word, and is particularly more representative of the diversity here at London’s universities. We’ll be talking about how it feels to exist as marginalised people in the academic world, and we’re excited to share best practice for improving our experiences. Students and educators at all levels and of all backgrounds are welcome to take part and share their experiences. For more information and feedback on our previous workshops, click here: