Royal College Of Fungi // Poetry as a form of spores

8 June 2020


Venue: Conway Hall [online location]

Organiser: Thomas James Royal College of Fungi

Welcome, to the RCF - We are a biomimicry art project called the Royal College of Fungi. The ‘RCF’ is an active, multi-faceted research project that compares social systems to fungi systems to understand what we can learn from nature to re-think and create sustainable modes of living, working and learning.

The RCF mimics institutional structures, while letting them being infiltrated and shaped by natural processes, to critique and reinvent them. The core subjects offered by the RCF are growth, interaction, and regeneration.

The workshop is an experiment which asks its participant’s to act as a fungi, growing and interacting with it’s surroundings, finally, to de-construct and re-construct a collective poem. (This is the enrolment workshop for the RCF)

Donations welcome