Telegraph - A Walking Action

15 June 2019


Venue: Telegraph Woods, West End, Southampton SO30 3EY (starting point)

Organiser: Out There Actions

Out There Actions are a troupe of radical performance makers who stage small events in the Great Outdoors, working archaeologically to unearth something of the history and mystery of place. They are based in Southampton, UK. For more information, email

Out There Actions will walk from ‘Town Hill’ in Telegraph Woods, West End (SO30 3EY) to ‘Toot Hill’ in Telegraph Wood, Romsey (SO51 9LN), recreating a stage of Murray’s optical telegraph between London and Plymouth, which operated between 1806 and 1814, and represented the first use of technology to send information faster than the speed of a galloping horse. They will carry with them the equipment necessary to send a message between the two stations for the first time in 205 years, and invite you to join them on their momentous journey.