Testing What We Think We Know - What Do We Mean By 'Political Education'?

16 June 2019


Venue: 56a Infoshop, 56 Crampton St. London SE17 3AE

Organiser: 56a Infoshop

56a Infoshop is a self-organised, volunteer-run radical social centre in Elephant & Castle since 1991. We have a large open-access archive.

Practical workshop where we will be keen to hear from people what they see as the role of political education work in their actions and activities. How do we create and put into practice collective moments of listening, reflection and analysis and how do we act from these moments?

Oral histories, community archives, radical education projects, community organising, popular education projects are some of the places where political education happens but how do we think through what learning and education for change means?

Discussion, activities and exploring archive materials on radical education, organising and pedagogy in 56a Infoshop’s archive.

There will be a short introduction by members of Ultra-red collective about organising tenants in Los Angeles, by 56a Infoshop volunteers on running a community archive and others on the histories of their own ideas and experiences of political education.