The Art of asking better questions

10 June 2017


Venue: Rabbits Road Institute, Old Manor Park Library​, ​835 Romford Road​, ​London E12 5JY

Organiser: Alice Bednarova

Since completing my postgraduate degree, I have focused upon engaging the public, working with people as equal partners who bring their own knowledge content to learn from each other. I currently work as a Learning Facilitator at the V&A Museum. My last event, Of Improvisation, is a result of my interest in the potential of art spaces to become platforms for public engagement. I choosed improvisation as the very medium upon which both, the public and the artists are regarded as the ultimate experts. Of Improvisation promotes equality through dialogue, creative exchange and a positive social change.

Proper questioning has become a lost art. The curious four-year-old asks a lot of questions — incessant streams of “Why?” and “Why not?” might sound familiar — but as we grow older, our questioning decreases.

This event will take a form of an interactive workshop/ group exercise inviting participants to think about whether they ask enough questions or whether they settle with general assumptions. We will look at the way they ask questions and how this has an impact on their way of thinking and making judgements.

This workshop aims to encourage its participants to think about topics they might feel intimidated by or feel uncomfortable to talk about due to a lack of knowledge/ information (depression, sexual health, LGBT topics, cultural differences etc.). Participants will be encouraged to overcome those barriers by asking direct questions, by learning and sharing.

Many people don’t think about how different types of questions can lead to different outcomes. In this workshop we will try to steer a conversation by asking the right kinds of questions, based on a problem we might be trying to solve. We will challenge basic assumptions or affirm our understanding in order to feel more confident in our conclusions.