6 June 2020


Venue: Anarchist Festival [online location]

Organiser: Lucho FORGED BOOKS (final chapter)

The deranged are neither dumbed down by habit nor blinded by the ‘greatest show on earth’. Rather than run around for a cause to support they are fighting their own cause, egoistically conquering moments of freedom, subverting and attacking the existent with all means, knowing that Chaos is life and that Reason continues to generate monsters…

An online discussion about Jean Weir’s piece ‘To the Deranged’ from her book ‘Tame Words from a Wild Heart’, hosted by FORGED BOOKS, Manchester’s anarchist reading group.

Conversation will take place on the jitsi platform here:

We recommend the Chromium browser on desktop: Chrome should also work. We couldn’t get Firefox to work with Jitsi. If you don’t have Chromium or Chrome and don’t want to install a new browser you can use one of Jitsi’s apps here: - you will need to change ‘Server URL’ in settings to and join the room /forged/books For mobile devices try: - you will need to change ‘Server URL’ in settings to and join the room /forged/books In our test session, the mobile apps kept losing their connection. If you’re really stuck, you could try joining the meeting room /forged/books with the desktop and mobile apps listed here:

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