Wiki-hackathon! Help build a wiki with everything you wish you'd learned at art school

11 June 2020


Venue: Everywhere and Anywhere [online location]

Organiser: Esther Into the Wild

In this Wiki-Hackathon, we invite everyone to contribute to the new wiki for emerging artists (Mesh), for an intensive couple of hours over zoom. It will be a fun opportunity to meet new people and learn some skills (like a hacker marathon) while gathering and sharing the wealth of knowledge we have. It’s open to all, with no previous experience necessary - don’t worry, you’ll be surprised by what you already know! This is a casual event where you can be as active as you wish, and join or leave at any time. Bring some snacks, something to drink and get comfortable. We encourage any questions or conversations that might come up.

ABOUT MESH: Mesh is a wiki page created by artists & staff at Chisenhale Studios’ artist development program ‘Into the Wild’. This wiki helps emerging artists in the UK connect, share and access vital resources. The joy of wikis is that every reader can also be a contributor - anyone can add their own tips or resources and share them with others. You can add (but are not limited too): life hacks and how-to’s, links to opportunities, budgeting advice, tax-tips, your personal info, artists’ rights, good art shops or meet-up spaces in your city, van hire contacts and so on! This will also be a good opportunity to link up, critique, examine or feedback on Mesh as it works today.