Women’s Ways of Knowing - how do we as women know what we know?

6 June 2020


Venue: Freedom [online location]

Organiser: Zarine Jacob

Welcome to this workshop FOR WOMEN ONLY. Its ideas are based on the groundbreaking book by Belenky et al called “Women’s Ways of Knowing: The Development of Self, Voice, and Mind”.

Despite the progress of feminism and social justice, many women still feel silenced in their families, workplaces and in wider society. This book describes the process of cognitive development in women as five perspectives through which women view themselves and their relationship to knowledge.

Please read a brief summary (provided on the Eventbrite booking page) of these five perspectives, so that we can make best use of our short time together. Some of the questions we will explore:

How is knowledge constructed differently for women? How has this impacted on you? How do Race, Class and Culture further impact on your lived experience? How do we use our insights to live more fully as women?

Our space will be highly interactive, collaborative and visual. Bring your self, a notepad and pen, your stories and something to drink!

Your facilitators are both founder members of the Human Conductivity Institute, a think-and-do global forum to shape a more equitable world.

Zarine Jacob: Zarine is a leadership coach and facilitator. She holds a Master’s in Women’s Studies from Ruskin College, Oxford. Her first career was in training and development in India, Canada and UK. She uses a solution-focused, positive and pragmatic approach in people development work. https://www.linkedin.com/in/zarinejacob

Dr Yewande Okuleye: Yewande is a transdisciplinary scholar and trained Adizes facilitator. She guides leaders and teams to develop collaborative thinking, consensus building and compassionate leadership. Creating intention-based connectivity allows us to cultivate honest and engaged dialogues. https://www.thebragmagazine.com/blog/shine-influencer-series-meet-connectivity-expert-dr-yewande-okuleye