Antiuniversity 2020 dates


Antiuniversity Mayday Fest: 1-3 May 2020
Antiuniversity Festival: 6-13 June 2020

Antiuniversity May Day Fest is a mini festival in a new, experimental format. During a time of social distancing, we invite Antiuni organisers and guests to find new radical ways to come together and re-politicise our present.

How does the virus affect our relationship to waged and unwaged labour? To production and social reproduction? And to our personal and collective position in relations to capital, property and the state?

We are looking for your thoughts and actions in response to the current crisis and would love to hear from people plotting and scheming around labour rights, supply chains, care, trade unions, logistics, borders and anything else work related.

A note about spaces: This year, Antiuni festivals will take place in new real and virtual spaces, in full consideration of the social distancing measures. As always, we encourage you to be as creative as possible.

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