7 June 2020


Venue: Ridley Road Market Bar [online location]

Organiser: Katharina & Francesca 13MIN AGO

It seemed like the world had stopped for 13 min. Was I just forgetting about time? This Live Screaming event deals with the aftermath of our current understanding of time and how it impacts our young talent, Sol Harding. It is our aim to showcase our radical and fearless approach towards the outdated mechanisms of the current creative industry. The zeitgeist is craving for a change and we try to respond to that with the first public event of 13MIN AGO.

13MIN AGO matches cross interdisciplinary artists and unveils new ways of creative collaboration as a collective. Within 13MIN AGO everyone has the freedom to redefine traditional rules of creation, explore their own talents, and learn from one another. As a collaborative space, we establish professional connections among our emerging talents internationally and beyond their known creative fields.