Alchemy for Creative Problem-Solving and Social Transmutation

16 June 2019


Venue: Chisenhale Art Place, 64-84 Chisenhale Road, E3 5QZ

Organiser: The Magico-Materialism Study Circle

The Magico-Materialism Study Circle (/Triangle/Square?) is a group exploring the collisions between social transmutation and magic. Our aim is to be an 'expanded reading group', meaning we don't only read, but also discuss, visit, walk, make, draw, play, enchant and explore via a range of approaches, from action research, to games, to social dreaming.

Can alchemy change the world? This workshop seeks to find out. After a quick introduction to alchemical symbolism, the workshop comprises a game of symbolic transmutation, creating new symbols to rethink how these structure collective reality. Somewhere between Oblique Strategies, the medieval Catalan mystic Raymond Llull’s appropriations of Islamic zā’irjah divination wheels, and a form of collective ‘Self-Help’, we experiment with hacking these patterns, through the manipulation of symbolic resonances.