Alternatives to the Alternative Art School

9 June 2018


Venue: LARC (London Action Resource Centre), 62 Fieldgate Street, London E1 1ES

Organiser: Susannah Haslam and Natasha Cox

Susannah Haslam is an educator and research practitioner working in the fields of art theory and artistic research. She is currently completing a PhD at the Royal College of Art in London concerning the imminent future of alternative arts education, and teaches at University of the Arts London. Natasha Cox is an artist and producer, working with words, performance, photography and space. She is currently part of School of the Damned (class of 2018), and organises the Open Form platform.

An open meeting, lead by a small group of educators, for the purpose of considering an alternative to the alternative art school model.

This meeting will consider and conceive of a working hybrid education model to take forward to its realisation in the long term. It will do so through the facilitation of a series of parallel discussions (workshop style break-out) that will focus on specific organisational and infrastructural aspects of arts education broadly; value systems, sustainability, distributability, access. These parallel discussions will each be convened by an educator working with a particular subject focus/concern in/with the current arts education system, and include the participation of an undefined group of interested individuals.

The open meeting will be the first in a series of meetings that will cumulatively configure a propositional model of arts education that sits distinct from existing models of the alternative art school, which are arguably bound to the circulatory confines of the art world and are therefore serving a market-driven economy rather than an education-led ecology. This open meeting will set in motion the initial organisational and infrastructural matters of conceiving of such a long term project.