An introduction to Flat Thinking

14 June 2018


Venue: New River Studios, 199 Eade Road, London N4 1DN

Organiser: Dr James Lattin

Dr James Lattin is the curator of the Museum of Imaginative Knowledge

Dr Lattin will present a short video (15 mins) ‘An Inquiry into the Shape of the Earth’ which documents an experiment on a frozen lake to measure the curvature of the Earth. Carried out in February 2017 by the Museum of the Flat Earth, the video repeats a 19th century hypothesis around physical flatness.

There will then be a short lecture (20 mins) by Dr Lattin who will consider a range of views on flatness, from artist John Latham (owner of Flat Time House) to the more recent idea of Flat Ontology from philosopher Graham Harman. He will conclude by considering how concepts such as flatness can have a variety of applications with which to challenge established norms across society and culture.