Anarchism in the Hotseat

5 September 2021


Venue: Antiuni Online: Virtual Classroom 1

Organiser: Rebel City Collective

The Rebel City Collective has been producing a newspaper for London for many years (See our website). Recently, we have embarked on an ambitious project to bring anarchist ideas into schools and colleges. We have been getting more and more requests for sessions, even during the pandemic. It has been a real learning experience for us as the students ask many insightful and penetrating questions which has forced us to clarify our own ideas. Questions such a: how will you ensure all the unpopular jobs get done?, what to do about crime?, doesn’t anarchism mean disorganisation?, require careful thought and cannot be answered glibly. Though we do not all share the same opinions on everything in the Collective, by discussing together we are working out how to be more effective in our answers. This workshop will share our work on answering challenging questions and participants will be invited to ask their own questions and also try answering some!