Anarcho Agony Aunts LIVE

17 June 2019


Venue: 62 Fieldgate St, Shadwell, London E1 1ES

Organiser: Marijam and Rowan

We host the Anarcho Agony Aunts and have run many different events in the past so are aware of various challenges that may arise from doing it live. But we're ready! We will debut (AAA) live at the Anarchist Festival too.

Anarcho Agony Aunts is a sex and dating advice show, covered from a feminist, antifascist, anarchist perspective. We are attempting to reclaim space from the alt-right in giving people (mostly men) a space to ask tricky questions in a judgment-free zone.The event will involve the live taping of the show, feel free to submit your questions here: We’ll also have cocktails and beer etc. Love and rage! Our YouTube channel: