Anti-Capitalist Knitting

6 June 2020


Venue: museum of neoliberalism [online location]

Organiser: Rosina Godwin

Anti-Capitalist Knitting is an experimental knitting workshop with an emphasis on sustainability, focusing on exploring materials and using simple techniques to create artwork.

Session 1 - Making yarns from strips of fabric, recycled newspapers or plastic bags Session 2 - Creating holes and slashes Session 3 - Patching and darning Session 4 - Recycling old pieces

Suitable for all abilities, there will be a series of YouTube videos detailing basic techniques and further ideas, plus an online group forum to post work and discussions. Working with unconventional, recycled and inexpensive materials, participants will be able to explore and make their own discoveries, while also learning practical skills. The emphasis is on making experimental samples and artwork, although the techniques can be adapted to repair garments or make functional objects.

The workshop aims to rethink the typical women’s craft association of knitting, while exploring both feminist and anti-capitalist ideas. Holes and worn surfaces symbolise broken systems, while patching and darning can be a both a political statement, or metaphor for mental healing. Recent research shows that craft activities can improve mental and physical wellbeing, by reducing stress, boosting confidence and enhancing brain productivity.

The facebook group will be open across the Antiuniversity Festival (6th-13th June), featuring a daily activity or video, and further posts exploring responsible capitalism and sustainability.

Facilitator biography: I initially studied embroidery, before moving through craft and applied arts, and finally achieving a First Class Hons degree in Fine Art. I have run experimental knitting workshops, at Leyden Gallery (as part of Whitechapel Gallery’s Nocturnal Creatures event), and also at the Supernormal and Greenbelt Festivals.

Other projects include, exhibiting at Stuffed (K6 Gallery), The Great Divide (OVADA), Deep Trash Romance (C*ntemporary) and Nasty Woman UK. I also delivered two conference papers, entitled Slits, Tits and Phallic Knits (Medium Conference, London School of Mosaic), and Freudian Knits and Body Bits (In the Loop at 10, Winchester School of Art).