Anti-degree show

15 June 2019


Venue: LOFT, Croydon Arts Store, 1046 & 1047 Trinity Court, Whitgift Centre, Croydon, CR0 1UQ

Organiser: LOFT at Croydon Arts Store

LOFT is a creative community project space within Croydon Arts Store in the Whitgift Shopping Centre, which is FREE to use by Croydon-based individuals, participants and organisations for creative projects, events and exhibitions. The LOFT space is jointly managed by Croydon Arts Store partners. The aim of LOFT is to give people and organisations in Croydon the chance to test out creative ideas and give projects shape where they might not otherwise have the opportunity.

The ANTIDEGREE SHOW provides a space for artists who do not have an art degree to showcase their work and meet with potential gallery representatives or curators. Just like an end-of-year show at a higher education institution, each participant will have a space to showcase a project they have been working on, gain exhibition experience and meet external audiences. Galleries and curators looking to work with artists without formal training are invited to the opening event to view work and meet with artists.