Århus Feminist Reading Group x Antiuniversity

10 June 2020


Venue: Anarchist Bookfair [online location]

Organiser: Sophia Århus Feminist Collective

The Århus Feminist Reading Group is a collaborative project that investigates feminisms through group reading and conversation. We have been meeting in the Danish city of Aarhus since May 2017 to discuss novels, short stories, poems and articles, and we also put on talks, workshops and screenings under our umbrella organisation, Århus Feminist Collective. As a result of the pandemic we have moved our programme online.

To mark our third year of reading group activity, we are looking back to some of the first writers we discussed in the early weeks and months of the group. For our event with Antiuniversity, we will consider an essay by Rebecca Solnit, as well as a critique of Solnit’s approach to feminist politics by Viviane Fairbank.

The themes of the discussion will include silence, voice, and sexual violence, as well as what role hope should play in feminist theorising and organising. Is hope what we need to imagine other worlds and recognise the changes that are happening, or is too much optimism simply a distraction from the work still left to be done?

To register for the event please email aarhusfeministcollective@gmail.com and we will send you the reading and a link for the video call. We will either use zoom or google hangout depending on how many people register.

The preparatory reading will be around 40 (short) pages and an online article. Whilst we really encourage participants to read beforehand, you are of course welcome to join in with your thoughts and ideas even if you weren’t able to. We can also revisit specific parts of the texts during the meeting and read sections aloud.

The event time in the listing is UK time! Please adjust according to your location.