Asset Arrest

6 September 2016


Venue: Various

Organiser: Laura Yuile

Laura Yuile is an artist based in London and working with material and language in a way that highlights tensions between need, desire and excess. She is interested exploring the boundaries between public and private space, the fetishisation of transcience, and notions of displacement, transition and transformation in relation to time, place and the invisible infrastructures that shape our existence. Recent work has considered spaces of speculation and investment, and the interactions between systemic global conditions and tangible local and personal conditions; exploring how evolving global networks and flows affect everyday life, the domestic sphere and the body.

For Asset Arrest, artist Laura Yuile will lead a series of conversations over the duration of the AntiUniversity Now Festival that take place within the context of viewings of controversial luxury property developments throughout London – those geared towards shifting out long term residents and selling off ‘valuable’ pockets of land to wealthy overseas investors. Participants are invited to get in touch with Laura to arrange a suitable time, day and location for their conversation to take place, and Laura will make the relevant arrangements with the sales and marketing suite of choice. Laura has been undertaking such viewings since moving to London in late 2014, and would like to invite others to participate in this process with her and get a glimpse into the hidden London that is all around us; is propelling rent to soar, and is forcing so many long term residents and vulnerable people further and further out of the city. The conversations will stem from the sales pitch that the relevant sales person has perfected during this process and will attempt to address issues of privatisation, ghettoization, global blanding, place making, and wealth inequality.

[please note the times and dates of these appointments will vary between the 9-12th June]