Baristas Under Brexit: Research and Visual Art

6 June 2020


Venue: Ridley Road Market Bar [online location]

Organiser: The October Anthropologist

The October Anthropologist team are conducting anthropological research into the lives of Southern/Eastern European immigrants who work as baristas in London cafes. We are interviewing European baristas about their immigration stories, experiences navigating the job market in general and in hospitality in general, and how they imagine their futures in London in the shadow of Brexit.

Working with the global graphic design collective, Abake, we are translating the findings into a series of visual artifacts to communicate and elevate the research.

During this session, Nazima Kadir of the October Anthropologist, and Patrick Lacey, of Abake, will present what they’ve learned from the interviews and exhibit some of the visual assets that have emerged from this process.

This project is funded by Brent 2020, London Borough of Culture.

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