10 June 2018


Venue: 136 Dalston Lane, E8 1NG

Organiser: Miles Glyn ( @MilesInfinityLoop ) and Clare Farrell ( @TottyFuckShame )

Miles Glyn: x-artist, Craftsperson, Designer, Reader, Maker extraordinaire, Craftivist, Activist-supporter, Father, Meditator. Clare Farrell: Fashion, Expert in sustainable fashion, clothing design and fabrication, environment, Activist, Writer, Meditator.

Bodypolitic workshops are collaborative, participatory clothing workshops, helping people to recreate and decorate garments for use as ongoing objects of political demonstration.

Focussing on positive messaging and thoughtful suggestions through symbols and drawings, the aim is to use the body as a space for positive resistance, in public space.

Old/used garments, waste clothing from the prison system and seized counterfeit goods present themselves as materials to be re-imagined as the basis for creating visibility for common struggles and causes. When we wear clothes that speak we have more conversations about things that matter to us, with strangers and friends alike.

When we make an artefact to accompany a march, campaign or movement we keep a piece of that with us even after the assemblies and demonstrations are over. When people can be inspired to use and repair clothing with a sense of strength and solidarity, conversations about what it means to own and to use materials can begin.

This, in the face of current neoliberal ideologies and our fast fashion culture, is a radical act in itself.

Materials will be provided, and there will be some clothing on offer (donations are welcome but not necessary), but we recommend that people bring their favourite or least favourite garment to be temporarily or permanently adorned. The usual materials used include paint and markers, coloured cloth tape, patches which have been screen printed using selected positive words. Sewing machines, with expert guidance and coaching.

We have started doing readings at events also, so people can listen while working.

Take a look at the site for an idea of the usual output from our workshops.

Recently we have been supporting the pickets at UCL, St Marys and the student occupations. Upcoming events this month include a workshop at SOAS during fashion revolution week, a queer arts festival in Copenhagen, and Supporting “RawPowerMovement”.

This is a family friendly events, kids of any age welcome and grandparents also.