Brace your knees against mine to keep them from buckling

15 June 2019


Venue: Bethnal Green overground station

Organiser: Eleni Papazoglou & Rosalind Wilson

Eleni Papazoglou is a research designer using task based exercises within performance, moving image, writing, and print to explore normative processes of sociality, collectivity and affect. Rosalind Wilson is a multidisciplinary artist working with documentation and intervention to explore where we place our attention and how we take up space. She makes temporal sculptural installations, drawings and objects. She is an associate lecturer at CCW foundation. Having worked alongside one another for several years this will be our first collaborative project.

Social movement is not some abstract thing. It is made through the movements of bodies; human or otherwise’—Unknown

We would like to initiate a walk in which we explore collective movement. How do we relate to one another as bodies? How can we exceed the limitations of individual movement?

As a group, we will walk from point A to point B. The action of walking will function as a constant motion from which all subsequent actions will follow. We will provide a structure in which every participant is welcome to introduce a prompt, providing equal opportunity to direct the collective movement. Through the series of these instruction-led changes we aim to move as one body.

Inspired by Theatre of the Oppressed, instruction-led choreography, contact improvisation, and in the spirit of anti-university, we aim to bring to the fore bodily methods of collectivity as a starting point for contemporary self organisation.

The workshop will last approximately one hour thirty minutes, including a short introduction, and reflection. Please wear comfortable clothing. We welcome participants of all capabilities, ages and backgrounds. For those interested, we would love you to join us for a drink after (pub TBC).