Building Tools, Changing Schools

9 June 2018


Venue: LARC (London Action Resource Centre), 62 Fieldgate Street, London E1 1ES

Organiser: Beyond Academies

Beyond Academies are interested in re-imagining education from its current state as a machine that churns out a segregated workforce for the economy, into an empowering environment where children and adults alike are nurtured towards having the tools to determine their own emotional, intellectual and social development. How do we become who we want to be? How can we create change? Beyond Academies is comprised of A and Y. A is a school art technician by day, artist by night, and private music teacher on weekends. Y is a science teacher and writer.

“If I didn’t define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive.” – Audre LordeThis workshop aims to bring together anyone interested in education to share their experiences of learning, and to collectively develop strategies and tools to make learning a more empowering, safe and nurturing experience.Teachers, students and curious people of all disciplines and walks of life are welcome. We particularly encourage people who have felt ignored, underrepresented or marginalized in their learning experiences to attend.If you are able to, it would be great if you could bring a snack or any food to share during the break or before the workshop starts! We will also provide snacks. We hope to connect with and learn from each other through food, as well as through sharing our conversations and ideas. Unfortunately, the venue is not wheelchair accessible but we aim to make this workshop as open and accessible otherwise. For access queries please get in touch with