Connective conversations and Afrocentric Commemorations

28 May 2020


Venue: Conway Hall [online location]

Organiser: Dr Yewande Okuleye

The Afrocentric Commemoration project is a public history engagement project initiated by Dr Yewande Okuleye in 2017, to engage with the WW1 centenary celebrations. The Yoruba language community hub in collaboration with the Big Ideas, produced poems, collages and textile art. This display was exhibited at the Institute of Historical Research.

During the COVID - 19 lockdown, we have returned to the archive to investigate themes of motherhood, separation, isolation. Within these moments, we developed connections which are being nurtured through a different iteration of the project. The lockdown birthed the Afrocentric Commemoration Collaborative.

Kenyah Nyameche , writer and coach emphasised how “being part of the Afrocentric commemoration collective was different to any other experience. It gave me the opportunity to reflect and have collaborative conversations, about the lives of Nigerian mothers during WW1”.

The Afrocentric commemoration collective invite you to come with a open heart and mind to experience how deep listening and poetry, opens a pathway to connectivity and understanding global history.